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Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013

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Masaru Idoguchi
General Manager, Electronics Engineering Division
Hino Motors Ltd. / Japan

Sonia Sharma
Technical Account Manager
Google Inc. / USA

Rudolf Streif
Director of Embedded Solutions
Linux Foundation / USA

Siani Kiyonaga
Business Development Manager
Toyota / USA

Detlef Kuck
Technical Expert Infotainment Strategies, Global Driver Assistance & Active Safety Europe
Ford Advanced Research & Engineering / Germany


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"One of the best conferences I have ever been."
Frank Althoff, Volkswagen AG

"I congratulate you on this truly successful event!"
Stefan Wolter, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

"Excellent event, well organised by a great team."
Matthieu Flipo, Toyota Motor Europe

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REVIEW Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013

From December 5 - 6, 2013, we.CONECT invited an international audience of automotive professionals, team leaders and engineering managers from the following departments: Telematics, Research and Development, Connected Car to the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013 conference in Berlin.
More than 70 attendees gathered to discuss current challenges, new approaches and future trends in the field of app & software development in automotive cockpits. Participants, speakers and business partners took part in a highly interactive conference and used the opportunity to discuss experiences, to network, benchmark and exchange ideas and best practices.

The Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013 conference has therefore become one of the leading conferences in the field of app & software development in automotive cockpits in Europe.

Review of the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013:

  • More than 70 participants from over 45 companies from all over Europe, Asia and the USA discussed future challenges and latest approaches in the field of maintenance.
  • 26+ high level case studies were presented by companies such as BMW AG, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Denso, Google, Inc., The Linux Foundation and many more…
  • This conference was rated with an average of 4.3, where 5 stand for the highest and 1 the lowest.
  • The conference offered 4 World Cafés, 5 Developers Lounges, 4 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables, a wonderful evening reception and 2 eventful Icebreaker Sessions the evening before the conference.
  • Please find more detailed information, articles and interviews in our Media Center or subscribe to our exclusive USB Conference Doc Pack here.

“The conference was very informative, inviting and included a good variety of experts and experience”
Donna Bell, Ford Motor Company / USA

More than 20 Presentations and Keynotes

Inspiring discussions and presentations regarding the core issues of the conference, including topics such as user experience, telematics, platforms and business models in the area of app and content development in the automotive industry fulfilled the participants’ expectations.
Throughout the two conference days, interesting case studies were presented and fruitful discussions took place. The exchange of ideas between participants, speakers and business partners was animated and encouraged through different kinds of sessions (e.g. World Cafés and Challenge Your Peers Roundtables). The conference aimed to engage all participants in active discussion and debate - and this goal was notably achieved.

“Very informative, very interactive, very professional. You.conect - Thank you!”
Christian Hermann, Novero Dabendorf GmbH / Germany

Icebreaker Session – An informative get–together before the actual start of the conference:

On the eve of the first conference day, the Icebreaker session provided a first opportunity to network, benchmark and discuss, while allowing the participants to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere at the MARITIM proArte Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

  • Roundtable 1: The legal framework for Apps
  • Roundtable 2: Ecall – Benefits & Challenges

The first conference day

The first day of the conference was focused on the latest development of apps and software development in the automotive industry. The presentations and case studies dealt with user experience, connected services, infotainment, automotive software platform and web apps.

To start the day, Siani Kiyonaga, Ford Motor Sales, USA, focused her presentation on current challenges and future developments for business models in the area of app and content development from the OEM perspective as well as across vertical markets. Rudolf Streif, Linux Foundation, USA, discussed Automotive Grade Linux and building the next generation automotive software platform with open collaboration. To end the first conference day, Detlef Kuck, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe, Germany, detailed the Ecomove project, by discussing the integrated approach “Green Mobility” supported by intelligent auto apps.

we.CONECT Challenge Your Peers:

Participants explained the suggested numerous difficulties and challenges they encounter in their daily work and throughout their experience in the industry, and looked at different possible solutions.
In addition to the outstanding presentations of the event, we.CONECT strived to achieve more. This is why we asked each participant, before the conference, for further topics, questions and issues they feel are important to address. Based on this information, we created innovative and exciting Challenge Your Peers Roundtables. Each table dealt with important topics which participants had shown interest in. Discussions lasted for most of the afternoon on the first-day.

Overview of the Topics:

  • Business opportunities for Auto Apps
  • Building a successful software platform
  • User experience
  • Designing accessible applications

“Interesting as well as very interactive conference in the field of Automotive App User Experience”
Christoph Mühlbauer, Porsche AG / Germany

The first evening ended with a walking tour around Berlin’s most famous sites and a delightful networking dinner at HABEL WEINKULTUR restaurant, famous for its Italian atmosphere.

The second conference day

The second day centered on case studies discussing app accessibility and availability, as well as automotive telematics. Presentations also  focused on topics such as conversational agent in car and driver workload assessment.
Sonia Sharma, Google Inc., USA, began the second day by explaining how to design accessible Android applications. Atsushi Ikeno, Toyota Info Technology Center C., Ltd., Japan, then focused on the use of a conversational agent in a car. Finally, Andy Knott, Denso, UK, described the driver workload assessment and management for save in-car apps experience.

we.CONECT World Café:

Through a series of small intensive, interactive and innovative roundtable discussions delegates were able to exchange ideas and best practices on important topics and problems/issues faced.
During the World Café Sessions in the morning of the second day, participants were given the opportunity to discuss and share ideas on the following four core issues:

  • How to ensure safe functionality with appropriate security?
  • Discussing Apps for electromobility, what is useful & helpful for the driver?
  • Introducing an intelligent cross platform development tool
  • Vehicle data mining, opportunities and obstacles

The key objective of the discussions was to create a new perspective on the four issues.
In retrospect, the Automotive Apps and Mobile Device Evolution 2013 featured a very interesting, diversified and highly interactive networking platform for leading managers in the field of app and software development in automotive cockpits from all over the world.

“A good opportunity to talk with experts and colleagues about future trends. Perfect conference - a real conference concept!”
Maximilian Romani, Ferrari SpA / Italy